Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What is your wish for the world ??

Today i read a short paragraph which is written about the author's wish for the world . I like his/her wishes for the world . Everyone has a thought that how the world could be. Here is my wish for the world:

Firstly I wish all of us had a sweet family without any argue and frighting. Because when your are far away form your home . You will find out that family is always the warmest place that you can relax yourself by putting yourself in the sofa.

Secondly i wish everyone can has their own goals . Having a dream is also very significant for ones life,if you do not have a goal to pursued , you might live without any energy and you will also feel confuse. So , i wish both of us have a dream to pursued.

At last , this one might be a little bit ridiculous. I wish everyone can remember their child hood which is always fill with happiness and pure thoughts.

Yeah! First blogger!!

Today our teacher give the whole class a excellent way to have our writing skill improved. That is having a blogger. A blogger is a good place for you to writing down you feeling about everyting you would like to talk about . You can also pratice your writing here. I like to pratice my writing in this way .Hope i can insist doing it .